What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is general term and for all intent and purposes a marketing buzzword. This term is being used holistically to describe a service or system which uses the Internet to provide shared computer processing resources and data to computers … Continue Reading

Azure Security Center – Setting Security Policies

As per my previous overview post on Azure Security Center, this Azure service provides and overview of the security state of Azure apps and services running on a specific subscription. The power of Azure Security Center is only unleashed when … Continue Reading

Configuring SendGrid for WordPress on Azure

If you utilize Azure as your hosting provider for WordPress, you will need to configure an SMTP service so that your site can send outgoing email. Why would you need an SMTP service? Without this service proactively managing your site … Continue Reading

Case Study – Cost Effective Website Security

I manage several websites and generally follow industry standard practices to secure and harden these sites. I believe in ‘Defense in Depth’ and so I deploy several security focused products and services which focus on web applications. As many of … Continue Reading

Azure Security Center – Getting Started

How safe is my data and how secure are my applications in the cloud? This is one of the first questions many organizations ask when they first start investigating migrating data, applications and workloads to public cloud infrastructure. Securing data … Continue Reading