I am an IT and Management Professional with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

The Internet is my workplace and I find a great sense of accomplishment in harnessing its potential and creating value.

Professional Services

  • Technical Writing
  • Business Technology Consulting
  • Solution Architecture, Installation and Configuration
  • Security Architecture, Configuration and Implementation
  • Cloud Computing Consulting and Implementation

Technical Skills

  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Security
  • Cloud - Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cloud - Platform as a Service
  • Cloud - Software as a Service

Business Skills

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Sales Management
  • Change Management


Education and Experience

My tertiary education in commerce and involvement in business management have given me a solid understanding of key business principles.

Technology is where I have focused in developing knowledge. I have a Diploma in Computer Science in addition to other various industry certifications. Reading about new technologies in industry journals and research papers is how I keep myself relevant.

I have had the privilege of working in many roles and with many great people over the past 20 years. This included everything from Financial Manager to Solutions Architect.

This corporate era in my career exposed me to many aspects of technology, commerce and the manner in which change impacts diverse human and corporate cultures.


I base my decisions and actions on adding fundamental business value and have the following rules which I apply to every task:

  • Long term sustainability over short term gain.
  • Base the Solution on service over product.
  • Labels limit potential.
  • Work until the task is 100% complete.
  • Make the decision and go.